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'Poni', Brunei's ancestral name


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Incorporated in February 2020, Poni Group is the parent company for our wholly-owned subsidiaries: Poni Divers, Poni Adventures, Poni Marine, Poni Tec and Poni Homestay. At its very heart, our vibrant collection of brands offer everyone adventure, as a career, as a leisure activity, and most importantly, as an unforgettable experience. We are the pioneers and innovators of adventure activities by the sea in Brunei since 2008.

 “The success we’ve achieved means that today, over 38,000 people, local & international, have enjoyed outdoor adventure activities by the sea as a career or as a leisure activity and get more out of life. Our brands give us a unique opportunity to create positive change, to grow our business, and to achieve our purpose of making adventure part of everyone’s everyday lives.”

CEO  Mohd Tahsin Wong bin Abdullah

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What We Do

We offer adventure as an extraordinary experience to everyone, individual or organization, in their everyday lives. For leisure, locals look to us for weekend watersports or diving holidays abroad while tourists find memorable adventure activities with us. Professionally, youths train for exciting marine careers with us while corporations look to us for adventure teambuilding activities and marine engineering solutions.

Why We Do It

We love the outdoors and want everyone to share our passion for it. Our strong background in the marine environment has enabled us to create a full ecosystem from teaching youths to appreciate our oceans and inspiring them to learn to dive, to training them to have careers as a marine biologist, a commercial diver, or even a public rescue diver, and finally offering them a diverse and inclusive workplace to use their skills to help the community and to provide a service to other businesses.

“Poni redefines adventure, not just as a fleeting moment, but as a lifestyle that everyone can personally connect with everyday. ”


Poni is proud to be one of the few recreational companies in Brunei to be awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification.


Awarded the Commercial Ministry of Defense (UK) Approved Center (COMMAC) rating, one of ten dive centers in the world.


We pride ourselves on operational excellence with the utmost priority to safety with ISO 45001 compliant practices.

Poni Divers

Poni Divers is Brunei’s only RAID, IANTD & BSAC Dive Center offering recreational diving services and courses in freediving, underwater photography and occupational diving. Featured on CNN and promoting Brunei’s underwater treasures to over 15 countries globally each year, Poni Divers is a household name in Brunei as the local diving expert.

Poni Marine

Poni Marine provides turnkey project solutions for the offshore, construction & maritime industries with commercial diving, maritime emergency response, marine engineering, coastal & subsea research, material fabrication, underwater repairs, marine supply, vessel & barge hire, manpower supply, boat transportation and media services.

Poni Adventures

Poni Adventures is our events management & travel agency offering corporate teambuilding activities, watersports,  eco-tour activities, and outbound adventure travel promoting an adventure lifestyle. Having run adventure teambuilding activities for many local companies, it is Brunei’s premier outdoor adventure specialist.

Poni Tec

Poni Tec is Brunei’s technical diving pioneer promoting Brunei’s technical wrecks locally and internationally to tech diving communities around the world. Offering training in mixed gases, decompression diving, & rebreathers, Poni Tec has consulted on local deepwater expeditions and has been diving Brunei’s deepwater wrecks since 2014.

Poni Foundation

Poni Foundation is our affiliated non-profit NGO with a strong focus on marine conservation, local empowerment, and civic engagement with its official launch coming in late 2020. Initiatives include school outreach programs and programs with opportunities for training, internship, and education, increasing the profiles of Bruneians in the global arena.

Poni Homestay

Poni Homestay is the top homestay accommodation to relax, re-energise and enjoy complimentary adventure activities in the Serasa area. With its comfortable facilities, organic garden, and especially friendly staff, it is consistently ranked one of the most comfortable homestays by our guests on and Tripadvisor.

Poni Divers Bali

Poni Bali is a 5* PADI Dive Center that offers recreational diving courses, guided underwater tours, freediving and snorkeling activities in Sanur, Bali, with easy access to some of Bali’s best dive sites in Nusa Penida. Launched in 2014 as Poni goes regional, this dive center is consistently voted one of the best in the area.

A round of applause to Poni for their consistent professionalism and efficiency with their boat charter services. Especially to Thye who personally oversaw all proceedings from beginning to end to ensure the smooth running of things. Also a big shout-out to the Poni team for being so approachable and flexible! Will definitely be recommending their services to anyone who needs it.

Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd, Brunei

We have known and worked together with Poni since 2012 on various jobs such as UW inspection at the Butra Heidelberg Cement Jetty & other projects. All were performed timely & professionally and according to requirement with complete approval.

Yeng Tong Construction Sdn Bhd

Poni Marine diving services always meeting our requirements completely.”

Mr. Asmawati Binti Hj OthamanOcean Quary & Constructions Sdn Bhd.

Our Impact

Poni believes profitable growth should be a responsible growth. This guides our approach to how we do business and how we want to leave a positive social impact. Our goal is to use every opportunity we have, no matter how small, to set positive change in motion.


Poni has a long tradition of encouraging its employees to aid in improving the lives of the people around us. We understand the importance of positive interaction with local groups by engaging with causes aimed at supporting and growing vibrant communities.


Unique perspectives, traditions, and experiences make us stronger. That is why our high-powered team has strong female representation within its management and has staff of diverse religions & nationalities and of different abilities at our workplace.


At its heart, Poni has always been about the youths of Brunei, being founded and led by youths in 2009. Through our many internship & training programs, school talks, and a large social media presence, Poni sees itself as a leader of youth development initiatives.


Sustainability has always been a big part of our business with a large focus on marine conservation & education. By reducing our environmental footprint in all our business practices & promoting awareness of our environmental challenges, we lead by example.


While diversity is essential in all we do, we believe inclusion changes the game. Everyday we strive to get the full value of our diversity through inclusion, bringing our services & activities to everyone of all abilities by making sure our employees have the skills to do so.


Especially in today’s digital world, we believe that both adventure and the outdoors are fundamental components of a balanced lifestyle and our goal is to make these opportunities for the outdoors and adventure accessible and affordable locally and abroad.

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Poni Group Sdn. Bhd. – #32, 2nd Floor,
Al-Warasah Building, Muara Town,
Muara, BT1187, Brunei

Quality Occupational Health & Safety Policy Statement

T. 2772328 // M. 8749322
ROCBN Incorporation #RC20005052

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Poni Group Quick Look

Poni Divers
Serasa Watersports Complex,
Serasa Beach, BT1187, Brunei
T: (+673) 719 9322
FB/IG: ponidivers

Poni Marine
Unit S1, 2nd Floor, Al-Warasah
Building, Muara, BT1187, Brunei
T: (+673) 718 9321
FB/IG: ponimarine

Poni Adventures
Unit S7, 2nd Floor, Al-Warasah
Building, Muara, BT1187, Brunei
T: (+673) 718 5322
FB/IG: poniadventures

Poni Tec
Lot #172, Smpg 170, Jln
Serasa, BT1728, Brunei
T: (+673) 718 9321
FB: ponitec

Poni Foundation
#38, 2nd Floor, Al-Warasah
Building, Muara, BT1187, Brunei
T: (+673) 874 9322
FB/IG: ponifoundation

Poni Homestay
Lot 3480, Smpg 170, Jln
Serasa, BT1728, Brunei
T: (+673) 896 7563
FB: ponihomestay

Poni Bali
Jln Batur Sari, No. 69, Sanur,
Denpasar, Bali, 80228, Indonesia.
T: (+62) 812 4614 3389
FB/IG: ponidiversbali